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Hotel Maison de Ville, New Orleans, Louisiana

Hotel Maison de Ville, New Orleans, Louisiana

An historic property, the Hotel Maison de Ville and the Audubon Cottages offer comfortable accommodations. Located in New Orleans' French Quarter, the hotel contains sections that are thought to date from the mid-1700's.

The main building, located at 727 Toulouse Street, now contains the reception room, parlor, concierge, and 9 guest quarters. Across the courtyard, with its cast iron fountain and bricks original to the location, are the four former slave quarters, believed to have been constructed more than 50 years earlier. The old carriage house is adjacent to the courtyard and is now a two story suite.

The guest rooms and suites are furnished with antiques four-poster beds, marble basins, painting, and accessories - and are fitted with old brass hardware. The courtyard has a cast iron fountain and the swimming pool.

The two main buildings on Toulouse, plus the former slave quarters, contains 16 rooms, and the seven cottages bring the total number of accommodations to 23.

Maison de Ville Hotel
727 Rue Toulouse
New Orleans
Louisiana 70130
Hotel Maison de Ville, New Orleans LA


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