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Whitehaven Inn, Whitehaven, Maryland

Whitehaven Inn, Whitehaven, Maryland

Dating back to about 1810, the Whitehaven Hotel was first built as a private home. In the late 1800s, the Village of Whitehaven was a riverfront community with shipyards, a canning factory, a new school and church, and several stores. To meet the region’s demand for lodging, the building (sitting along the Wicomico River and the Whitehaven Ferry) went through its first major expansion and opened as a hotel, primarily serving salesmen who took steamboats from Baltimore before traveling among the region’s farming communities.

In 1995, the 19th century Whitehaven Hotel was saved from the wrecking ball through the cooperative efforts of local residents and the Maryland Historic trust. The Hotel, now one of the last of its kind, provided lodging for travelers crossing the Wicomico by horse to Quantico, Salisbury and Princess Anne and by steamship to ports as far as Baltimore.

All Hotel rooms have private baths, two have access to the second floor screened porch and two have working fireplaces.

Whitehaven Hotel
Whitehaven Hotel, MD

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