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Samuel Sewall Inn, Brookline, Boston MA

Samuel Sewall Inn, Brookline, Boston MA

A stay at The Samuel Sewall Inn offers the opportunity to experience beautiful, Victorian accommodations in which Old World charm and elegance are coupled with modern comforts. Located ten minutes from downtown Boston by trolley and within walking distance of a wonderful shopping area. Typical of a Victorian home, no two rooms are exactly alike; each has its own character and size. Five of the 14 rooms have fireplaces and all have private bathroom, cable television, CD/DVD players or VCRs, telephones, dedicated modem lines and high speed wireless internet access.

Outfitted with high ceilings and large windows, many containing stained glass, this spacious house is ideal as a bed and breakfast. The 117-year-old house has been restored to its original splendor using period antiques, fine wallpaper and draperies. T

The staff welcomes the guests with fresh-baked cookies, cakes, sweets, crackers & cheese and seasonal specialties like soups and warm hospitality after a busy day of work or sightseeing.

Samuel Sewall Inn,
143 St Paul St, Brookline, MA, United States
Samuel Sewall Inn, Brookline, Boston MA


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